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Property Owners

Property Management That Puts You First

Finding someone to manage your property on your behalf is not a decision to be taken lightly. You need a management company who values your property and makes your business a top priority.

Property management is all we do

At Residential Leasing Group, we are focused solely on property management. It’s not a sideline or business add-on. We do not buy and sell properties.

We manage high-quality, niche homes, townhomes and condos for property owners who can’t or don’t wish to do it themselves – whether they lead busy lives, they don’t want the headaches, they work elsewhere, or they reside outside of the country.

We know our business inside and out. From marketing your property, to finding qualified renters, to property maintenance and day-to-day operations, our entire infrastructure and processes are designed around the management of your property.

Of course, we’re a licensed brokerage under the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA), and all our associates are fully licensed, adding to the level of trust our clients enjoy with us.

Quality over quantity is good for everyone

For us, it’s about quality not quantity. Why? So we are able to do our best work for you and your tenants.

As Property Managers, we are focused exclusively on individually owned properties in Calgary’s downtown, inner city and executive-preferred communities. In addition, each property manager’s portfolio is deliberately kept to a manageable size to ensure the highest level of customer service.

Tending to only hand-picked properties in select areas means we’re not spreading ourselves too thin. You and your property are always a priority.

Quality begets quality. Our listings for homes in desirable neighbourhoods attract discerning, qualified tenants. When we find the right ones, we take excellent care of them. When tenants are heard and their concerns are taken care of, they stay longer. And that’s good for everyone.

We keep our eyes on your bottom line

No one likes to be nickel and dimed. As a property owner, you want your investment to be making the most profit possible for the location, the home and the market conditions.

At RLG, our fee is structure is straightforward and transparent as it relates to marketing your property, leasing your property to qualified tenants, and on-going management.

Should your property require repairs and maintenance, we look at cost effective solutions keeping your best interests in mind. We handle preventative maintenance, but expenses for service repairs and/or supplies flow through to you without a surcharge. Why charge extra for something we didn’t do?

Each month, you can login to your owner portal to find clear, understandable financial statements outlining any expenses for your property.

Hands off, but never out of the loop

We believe that while our property owners like the idea of being hands-off, they still want to stay informed.

That’s why every property owner is assigned a One Point of Contact Property Manager who oversees and is responsible for all aspects of your property – from intake and marketing to inspections, leases, maintenance and all day-to-day management.

Your Property Manager knows everything about your home and your tenant, and where things stand. When you need to know, your Property Manager has the answers.

Along the way, your Property Manager makes sure that you’re looped in on any renter concerns or property maintenance required, and consulted as much – or as little – as you desire.

But when it comes to the stress and inconveniences that come with managing a property yourself – rest assured, we take care of those so you don’t have to.

Curious to know more? Learn about Residential Leasing Group, or contact us to set up an appointment today!